Brady Brady Brady

For somebody who thought she knew everything about The Brady Bunch, I learned a few things in the book “Brady Brady Brady” by Sherwood and Lloyd Schwartz.

One of the interesting stories happened when the cast was filming in a supermarket parking lot, the assistant director had a couple of extras pretending to re-enact a man hiring a prostitute.


5 responses to “Brady Brady Brady

  1. Really needed to know that, thanks

  2. I suppose Robert Reid was NOT going to be soliciting any of these ladies….


  3. Reid, wasnt he that freaky looking dude that dressed as a woman in one of them dumb shows??

  4. Reid = Mike Brady

    Reid = Gay but kept in th closet

  5. I feel bad that Greg Brady has not been able to do anything with his professional life other that live in the past glory of being Greg brady. There is a price to pay for fame. My wife and I saw Eve Plumb at a bakery in Laguna Beach on a somewhat regular basis. We naver asked her anything about being a Brady, but she had moved on to a career in the theater. Life looking back take so much away from the potential that the world moving forward can offer. Too Bad as Johnny Bravo will more than likely not tour outside of perhaps Branson.

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