Dennis Miller Coming To Town

Comedian/pundit Dennis Miller plays the Keswick Theatre April 28.


5 responses to “Dennis Miller Coming To Town

  1. One of the most annoying people ever.

    He was a complete failure on MNF

    He now shows up on FNC and blabbers on about nothing, and continues
    to use language that is out of the league of most Americans.

    Never liked this guy.

  2. Like many others, I find Miller funny as hell. Insofar as annoying, depends on one’s political persuasion; to me, he is right on point. If you really want annoying, try Bill Maher – you know, the dweeb who (one upon a time) was a complete failure as a regular on the Tonight Show.

  3. I always liked this guy. He isn’t afraid to tell the truth.
    He gets the Dems. right where it hurts.

  4. Agree that he isnt afraid to tell the truth… His way of getting the message out is a little strange.

    Its ok to disagree on this one 🙂

  5. MNF was not the right fit. Though he is entertaining!

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