Sportscasting Camp Returns

The Play by Play Sportscasting camp returns to Philly this summer.  Past camp counselors have included Jim Jackson, Paul Jolovitz, Ray Didinger, John Clark, and more.


18 responses to “Sportscasting Camp Returns

  1. Sounds more like a second rate losers gathering.

  2. Jeremey Treatman = Poser

    See this guy out from to time to time. Always says that “he is working on the next big thing”.

    But… There cannot be a next big thing since there wasnt a FIRST big thing.

  3. Well if Jolly is there, then it MUST be great!

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  5. Jolly? Mr. World Class underachiever. Penn grad that doesnt have a REAL job.

  6. WJ, I posted agreeing with your opinion of Mr.Treatman and the post was pulled.
    Look I am telling it like it is. why would the post be pulled if I am agreeing with an earlier post?

  7. The camp is right up there with “The connecticut school of Broadcasting”
    All about making money. Taking advantage of the ill-informed.

  8. You mean “CON” school of broadcasting!

  9. ease up folks. … this is all good stuff. there’s no need for such negativity.

  10. Andy, You are right. no need for negativity. Though, if you knew something that can advise people to not make the same mistake. Would you?
    I know the person who runs this operation and has really hurt people behind the scenes. Sending out a caution flag. That’s all.

  11. There is nothing wrong with a few caution flags, and Megan is on target here

  12. WJ, thanks for your support on this one! It is appreciated! I strongly feel that people should be made aware of the real deal with JT and CSB.

  13. Thanks for the heads up Megan! But on that subject, what would be good outlets for people who are interested in broadcasting?


  15. D, unfortuntely there is no quick fix for broadcasting. The most logical way is to pick a college or university with a solid program.
    If that is not feasable, Offer to intern and show how passionate you are to get into broadcasting. For a talent position, you need to pay your dues.
    Look, the bottom line is the people who our working or running these so called camps and schools with no degree our wanna bee’s and our just looking to take your money. Sad but true!

    • Megan,

      You are right all these broadcasters that are on TV came from a respected
      university. The exception being most of the staff from 97.5. That is why
      they pay Mike Missanelli. I turned him off today 03/02 he was talking
      about the priests involved in the recent scandal. I wonder how does that
      fit into sports talk.


  16. Megan — Always happy to be of assistance!

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