Sick of Jane Lynch Commercials

Anyone else sick of the Jane Lynch Xfinity ads that run ’round the clock?


18 responses to “Sick of Jane Lynch Commercials

  1. She is over-exposed! Keep her on Glee and leave it at that!

  2. Sick of all Xfininty/Comcast ads…

  3. Another one that should be shot w/goat poop.

  4. You so totally just read my mind!

  5. almost as bad as the Cherry Hill triplex ads with that priss-pot sauntering all over the showroom

  6. OMG! That is so funny, I was thinking the same thing. The girl in the Kia commercials. SHe must be so embarrassed watching that strut across the showroom.

  7. CAN’T STAND HER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Also getting tired of the VERY gay Comcast guys who sit down on the couch and have a “moment”

  9. How about Sloman Shield? It’s a good one. Smack em both.

  10. Makes me long for the old days when the most annoying spot was Krass Brothers – in retrospect, those spots were great!

    Just curious: Does anyone else agree that the re-branding of Comcast to Xfinity will go down in marketing history as one of the worst ideas EVER? They would’ve been better off buying the rights to “Kabletown” from the producers of “30 Rock”:

  11. Its your local cable megalith once again squeezing every drop of exposure
    over the same mundane spot. Remember Shaq and “Twas the night before Christmas” which ran well into 2011. Guess they’re saving their pennise so our rates don’t go up so frequently. hah!

  12. Jane Lynch is on Reno 911 as I read Laura’s post. How meta…

  13. No. I love them. I especially love her expression when she gets in the limo and is handed that cat. Her gaze is phenom.

  14. Laura, I thought you would like to know that I just went to the Africam [] & they ran the Jane Lynch add before the cam went “live”. LOL

  15. The Jane Lynch commercials are far better than the ones featuring “Chuck”!

  16. BTW can’t stand the Triplex girl neither. She seems like she’s hell on wheels when the cameras are off!

  17. Krass Commercials looked like they were produced at channel 6 then aired on channel 17!

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