Larry’s Life After Lane

Larry Mendte talks to Philly Mag.


20 responses to “Larry’s Life After Lane

  1. John Bolaris has no room to be commenting on someone else’s mistakes. He needs to take a look at NBC10 Video Vault. Year: 2001.

    • Was this the storm of the century or other antics. Didn’t he state that he had sex with a coanchor in the parking lot of NBC 10 during the early part of his career. I think he was talking about Jane Robelot. I am not a bolaris fan, and she was a class act.

  2. Not sure which is worse…

    1) Larry Mendte trying to still make a name for himself

    2) Philadelphia Magazine, with yet another feature on restaurants. This magazine usually takes about 8 minutes to reach each month. Good thing I am paying only $9.00 for about 3 years

  3. Class acts, don’t have sex in parking lots!~!~

  4. Mr. Make-up is so mad that nobody cares, that he’ll say aniything to get his soiled name out there. Plus, he should be embarressed enough that after all the crapola he attempted, he didnt even hit it! Whatever became of Dawn the Congressperson??

  5. Mr. Make-up, now thats funny. Mendte is even creepier looking than Keeley. That pervert should have gone directly to jail & shared a cell w/Big

  6. Why won’t smarmy Mendte and his wife who talks to trees just get some class and go away quietly? They are both just annoying jokes at this point.

  7. Go Dawn and Larry! You ARE Philadelphia!!

  8. WJ Top 5 Creepy List

    1) Keeley – hands down
    2) Jerrick — good thing i dont have a 23 year old daugther
    3) Mendte – ask Alicia. This self-righteous creep refuses to go away, trying to make NOTHING out of NOTHING.
    4) Bob Kelly — Guy really loves reading the traffic, but it is just traffic. Not like he found Bin Laden. Buzz is that he still chases the skirts
    5)Dementri — rather self -explanatory

  9. Great work by WJ. 5A, Bolaris.

  10. Larry is a class act, regardless of what people say. The man was and still IS a great journalist. We all make mistakes, it just so happened that his happened to be publicized.

  11. Connected — as always thanks for the kind words. Coming from someone who is as knowledgeable and “connected”, it means a lot.

    You are 1st team all-Nachman in my book

  12. I guess those who criticize Larry Mendte must be perfect, never made a mistake in their own life, and are beyond reproach. Yeah….right…..

    Go ahead and slam the guy, but don’t dare look in the mirror!

  13. Wacky Jack:
    The list is right on target. Connected…. Nice touch with the addition.
    Do you remember and I will spell the name wrong, but Brahime Accmadia from the 80’s he may fall into the level 9 or 10 ranks on the list. Number five is a classic, and the Delgado scandle added some interest to the media environment for a few months. Aditi is so much better that Lori could ever be. I wonder if Delgado was able to keep the marriage together, or if she ended up with Vince in the end.
    Thanks Wacky Jack.

    Berwyn Bob

  14. And yet the list does not include Lane…interesting. Considering how she “associated herself” (being very kind here) with certain politicians and power brokers, I find her omission from the list very telling.

    I also find it interesting that the people who criticize other people’s looks and such are usually the people who don’t need Halloween masks!

    But I guess that doesn’t apply to anyone here…you all must be signed to exclusive contracts with the Ford Modeling Agency.

  15. Michael, class act?? People w/class, especially those that are married, do not pursue relationships outside of marriage. Furthermore, class? Hacking into one’s email? Sorry, that a classless pervert.

  16. Berywn Bob — Many thanks for the kind words. You are a regular on here, and I appreciate the feedback from a solid contributor.

    I agree with mshottie about Mendte. He is a total creep.

  17. @mshottie, I won’t defend what Michael wrote as I don’t know if Mr. Mendte is or is not a “class act”. I do respect the fact that he’s owned up to his deed and is trying to rebuild his life.

    I will also offer this. He hacked her email. That was wrong-wrong-wrong, and I can not defend it in any way. That said, you say that he is a “pervert” because he hacked her email. Every day in corporate America co-workers “hack” (a.k.a. conveniently read) each other’s email and often times use it for their own devices. Are they all “perverts’ in your opinion?

  18. C’mon Scott it’s so obvious that he was pursing a sexual relationship,
    thats what makes Mendte and any other person a “pervert” when hacking.
    As for Ms. Lane, her record speaks for itself. From day one, she has used her looks to make men jump thru hoops. Mendte was dumb & perverted enough to jump. Mendte is so deluted, he’d probaly blame Dawn for being fat.

  19. So @mshottie you believe that it was “obvious” that Mendte was pursuing a sexual relationship with Lane. The truth is that neither you or I know if that’s the case. Actually no one knows if its true except for at least Mendte, if not both of them.

    Let’s say that you are right though. Does that make him unworthy of a second chance or redemption? And is he really a “pervert” because he hacked her emails? When I think “pervert” I think about the teacher (male or female) who takes advantage of a student or a guy spies on women in dressing rooms. Do you classify the solider who hacked military records and sold them to Wikileaks as a “pervert”?

    As for Lane using her looks and feminine charms, you are right. Sadly, countless women do this every day and men like Mendte fall for it every time.

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