Larry Wins The Lottery

One of the surprising tidbits in the Larry Mendte article in Philly Mag is that he won $133,006 from the New York Powerball lottery in March of 2010.



11 responses to “Larry Wins The Lottery

  1. That is just not fair.

  2. More $$$ for the Latina Bombshell!!!

  3. good for him….its about time something good happened to him! I miss him on Philly TV!

  4. If you begrudge he and his family this, I hope that you yourself never find yourself needing a break, or good fortune when the chips are down.

    You have a right not to like the guy, but the nastiness and silly rhetoric expressed in these forums serves to benefit no one, unless you yourself are so miserable in your own life that you have to bash someone else to feel better about yourself.

    Sad and pathetic….

  5. Needing a break when the chips are down? Please. He caused his own misfortune. He cheated on his spouse and then tried to ruin the career of the woman who tossed him — and who career-wise was on the way up while his career was waning. Good for his kids that he won the lottery but I can’t begin to muster any sympathy for that creep.

  6. @JayWex, and did you feel this exact same way for, and about about Bill Clinton? I ask as everything you just typed could easily and correctly be applied to him!

    As for Ms. Lane, though her email should not have been hacked, and Larry has accepted full blame for his actions, I feel no sympathy for her whatsoever. Then again, I am a huge supporter of the police, especially NYPD!

    • How did Bill Clinton get dragged into this? Why not drag in every person who has ever been unfaithful to their spouse? And your insinuation that if one dislikes Larry Mendte, one therefore supports Alycia Lane and consequently does not support the NYPD is presumptious at best. We’re talking about Larry Mendte, I think he is a has-been and a creep. PERIOD. I don’t know the man, I read about his actions and formed an opinion, and didn’t care much for his news reporting when he was on the air. Relax “Scott.”

  7. She clearly was a train wreck, but did not deserve to have her private email shared with the press on a regular basis. Ms. Lane let her actions speak clearly for her ability to handle herself in public. His violations were hurtful, and mean spirited. In the article he does not mention what he put his wife through, and how he made this up to her. That is there business, but a mention of the pain he caused her may have made me feel he had some remorse for his actions.
    What kind of person was he when he was at the top of the market?
    As a person that has had my share of difficult times I have put my wife through, the person I am most appreciative to have by my side is my Bride. Yes I too love my children with all my heart.
    Stating that there is nothing for Ms. Lane to come after can also mean that all assets are now in the name of his wife.
    I wish Larry no harm or ill will. He did a bad thing, and is trying to move forward with his life. We all deserve that chance in this life. I need not look to far away from myself to realize the truth in that statement.
    Berwyn Bob

  8. @BerwynBob, I agree with 95% of what you have written, and who among us (me included) has not put our wife through/had her join us in a trip to hell, in the course of a marriage? Sounds like you and I, and Larry for that matter, are blessed to have strong women with us who see the greater good in us.

  9. @JayWex, let’s dissect your note that led to my retort regarding Bill Clinton-

    “Needing a break when the chips are down? Please. He caused his own misfortune.”

    Just like Bill Clinton did, and the media treats him like he is the King of the World. Oh wait, that’s close to the title of an MSNBC special (figures huh!?) by Chris Matthews; “Bill Clinton-President of the World.” While I acknowledge that Mr. Clinton is, and continues to do admirable work with the Clinton Foundation, nonetheless, the media and people (including, and especially Philadelphians) gave the former President a HUGE hall pass long before his post-office humanitarian works began. I get a sense that no matter what Larry Mendte may do philanthropically or in volunteer work over the course of his life, neither you or others will give him an iota of reprieve, and certainly not what Mr. Clinton enjoys.

    “He cheated on his spouse and then tried to ruin the career of the woman who tossed him”

    Well sorta true there I guess. Unlike Mr. Clinton, Mr. Mendte to my knowledge did not have a physical relationship (adultery) with Ms. Lane. Are you asserting that there was a physical (any type of sexual relations) relationship between Lane and Mendte? BTW, in my book, with all deference to the former President, oral sex is indeed sexual relations.

    “Good for his kids that he won the lottery but I can’t begin to muster any sympathy for that creep.”

    Again, that is quite obviously your right. Except for murderers, rapists, terrorists, and child molesters, in my opinion, we all deserve a second chance and a fair shot of redemption.

    Thanks for the “relax” advice JayWex, I am just fine, despite watching hypocrisy in action from the front row.

  10. People, lets hear some applause for Scott!!

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