TMZ or TM-Sheen

Besides his nightly appearances on TMZ, Charlie Sheen mania continues with his appearnce on 20/20 Tuesday night. 

Monday night he competed against himself as Two And A Half Men and his interview on Piers Morgan aired at 9 p.m.

Does anyone feel Morgan’s interview with Sheen will become his Jay Leno-Hugh Grant moment?

For Morgan to do better, he must do a live show every night, not just when Charlie Sheen meanders into the studio.


3 responses to “TMZ or TM-Sheen

  1. In general, CNN management overrated Piers Morgan. Did they think he was going to be an clean version of Howard Stein. Should’ve given Larry King whatever he wanted. The whole network is a mess; from 6am-3. TJ, Suzann, Ali are into those jobs because they had no one else on the bench. Kyra and Suzann have fake smiles. Ali thinks he’s a old Top 40 DJ talking like he’s going to expire any minute. O’Yea, where does he get some of his clothes. Brooke is great to look at; just dont ask any questions. Wolf is alright. Elliott and Co. , Who!!! Now we come to Andy Cooper. He is the only person that saving this network.

  2. Sort version, Morgan is an idiot devoid of talent!

  3. I used to say the same thing about Inside Edition cause they used to cover OJ Simpson and ratings dropped. Used to think it was OJ Edition instead of Inside Edition. Another show that will NEVER go away no matter how many channels its on!

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