CBS3 Anchor Has Baby

CBS3’s Anne Marie Green and her husband Algernong Allen welcomed their first child,  daughter Ailey Lynn Allen on March 4.  Ailey weighed in a 8 lbs., 10 ounces.


3 responses to “CBS3 Anchor Has Baby

  1. Here’s wishing Anne Marie sincerest Congratulations on the birth of her little Ailey Lynn!

  2. Always have liked AMG. She is solid, and does a good job.

    I am, however, somewhat intrigued by the name of her other half — Algernong . Dont recall too many “Algernongs” in my neighborhood

    Nonetheless, happy for AMG. Hopefully her kid will become friends
    with the little Van Arsdall


  3. Anne Marie does a great job, is a super person, and will be a good mom.

    Unfortunately, she works for a boss whose attitude is “do you want to be a mother OR a journalist?”

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