Big Al Meltzer Speaks To Main Line Today

Here’s a Q & A with the former sports anchor from Channel 3 and Channel 10.  I remember him hosting some shows on Comcast SportsNet, but I don’t recall him ever being the sports director at Comcast SportsNet.


2 responses to “Big Al Meltzer Speaks To Main Line Today

  1. Laura, their editor is Hobart Ruland…I am sure someone quoted wrong. Yes, he was S.D. for Channel 3 and 10. They dont have a person at CSN with the title of S.D. When I was growing up absolutely loved Big Al and all about him. However, theirs editors must have scrapped the bottom for an interview of a couple questions with Big Al.

  2. Good to see Big Al again, my husband and I used to love to watch him and the late Richie Asburn yes (Richie Asburn) do the Big 5 games on, I think it was channel17, sometimes they even had double headers. We used to watch them we we were first married in 1968. Al did the play by play and Rich did the color. It sure was great back then.
    I have to save this for my husband, when he gets home from work so he can see how Big Al looks now. He is still handsom.

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