Harry The K Out In Paperback

Harry the K – The Remarkable Life of Harry Kalas by Randy Miller is out in paperback.

The longtime Phillies announcer died two years ago in April.


8 responses to “Harry The K Out In Paperback

  1. Are any of the “babes” named mentioned in the paperback?

  2. It’s a fairly frank discussion of Harry’s life and lifestyle. There was a lot more to Harry the K than babes.
    For anyone who has enjoyed Phillies baseball, it’s a good read.
    Included is an explanation of Kalas’ view of that little pest who is still on the broadcasts blabbing away.

  3. Do you mean the little pest that knows what the hitters are thinking?

  4. C’mon let’s have some fun, name names?????

  5. the suspense is funny!

  6. speaking of Harry, does anyone know what are the credentials of Harry Mayes on 97.5 fm?

  7. Yep, Mayes cant get hired anywhere else.

  8. How did he ever get there is the first place? Loves how he comcs across as a expert in all facets of sports?

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