Salute to Channel 10

Renee Chenault Fattah, Steve Levy, Bill Baldini, Herb Clarke, Tracy Davidson, Tim Lake, Terry Ruggles, Glenn “Hurricane Schwartz,” and Mike Strug will participate in the Broadcast Pioneers’ salute to Channel 10, Wednesday, March 16th at the Bala Golf Club at noon. 

While we are talking about Channel 10, check out this clip of Matt Lauer and Sheela Allen Stephens from the final broadcast of Live on City Line.


6 responses to “Salute to Channel 10

  1. Pioneers?? Looks like a list of second-rate broadcasters.

  2. Another point of view: There are actually a lot of talented individuals on the list.
    And in our time, the station has had several effective news bosses — Newman, Doerr, Schwaid. Not perfect but effective.
    But other than their duPont-winning MOVE coverage, their team’s production should have been much better.

  3. MOVE was twenty-five years ago. All that talent moved-on. This is a collection of second & third raters. Many of whom are much too comfortable in their positions. Frankly, some of em belong in Boise, Idaho or Taos, NM. The anchors are all stiffs. Right out of the wax museum.

  4. They are trying to honor a station that was great when it was called ‘channel 10’ now that they all work for NBC 10. At least people from the station are representing it, and Gene Crane is there!

  5. BTW for our generation of young journalists covering the crisis in Japan and all this Hollywood Nonsense, What Would John Facenda Do?

  6. Straighten that dead rat on his head and look into the camera and say “Do
    have a good night tonight and a good day tomorrow, goodnight all”

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