Philly Stars Bracket

Thinking about Dancin’ On Air, reminded me of Kelly Ripa, who got her start on Dance Party USA.  Here’s my Current Philly Stars Bracket:

1. Bill Cosby
2. Will Smith
3. Tina Fey
4. Kelly Ripa
5. Pink
6. Patti LaBelle
7. Bradley Cooper
8. David Boreananz
9. Kate Flannery (Meredith on The Office)
10. Jake Tapper (ABC News)
11. Ryan Phillipe (native of Delaware)
12. Adrian Pasdar
13. Holly Robinson Peete (The Talk)
14. The Roots (Jimmy Fallon Show)
15. Kristen and Alderson (One Life to Live)
16. Justin Guarini (American Idol, American Idiot on Broadway)

Let me know who I forgot.


8 responses to “Philly Stars Bracket

  1. Bill Cosby as “current Philly star” ??? Give me a break.
    He has been irrelevant for almost 20 years now. There is an entire generation (Black and white) who has no idea who he is. Putting him #1 on this list is quite the reach.

    Also, there are some notable omissions (no surprise)
    Kevin Bacon — glaring mistake
    Rebecca Creskoff ( Hung )
    Seth Green
    Richard Gere
    Dom Irrera

    All of these are more recongnizable than Bill Cosby these days.

  2. Far and away, Tina Fey.

  3. Comedian David Brenner is another Philly native that comes to mind. He is a Philly star that you forgot to add to your list.

  4. RayFirefighter

    Larry Fine!!!!!!

  5. Whacky Jack, Philly TV & Radio.

  6. How many 10th graders at Strawberry Mansion HS know who Bill Cosby is?

    But somehow he is the “#1 current Philly Star”


  7. Jamie Kennedy – Upper Darby
    who to me looks like another Philly area native you’ve mentioned..Bradley Cooper

  8. oh, and Blythe Danner

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