Phil-lays on Comcast SportsNet

Comcast SportsNet Announces 2011 Phillies Programming including Live Opening Day Coverage

2010 National League East Champions Return for 106 Games

after Record-Breaking Ratings in 2010

PHILADELPHIA- (March 21, 2011) – The defending National League East Champion Philadelphia Phillies return to Comcast SportsNet for comprehensive coverage before, during and after every game. Comcast SportsNet and The Comcast Network will air a total of 106 regular season games, all in high definition, with extensive Opening Day coverage, a weekly magazine show, pre and postgame coverage for every game and exclusive features only available on Last season, the Phillies scored their 8th straight year of ratings growth on Comcast SportsNet.

Comcast SportsNet Opening Day Schedule for Friday, April 1

12 p.m. SportsRise

12:30 Phillies Pregame Live

4 p.m. Phillies Postgame Live

5 p.m. Daily News Live

6 p.m. SportsNite

The Comcast Network schedule for Saturday, April 2

6 p.m. Phillies Focus

6:30 p.m. Phillies Pregame Live

7 p.m. Phillies vs. Houston

Immediately after the game Phillies Postgame Live

2011 Broadcast Enhancements

New game enhancements for the 2011 Phillies season include the introduction of “Ultra Mo,” the latest HD technology that is capable of showing slow-motion replays of over 2,000 frames per second. Additional new enhancements include an all-new graphics package and score bug which will provide pertinent information using the latest technology in a viewer-friendly format.

All The Bases Covered

Leslie Gudel, Marshall Harris and Jim Salisbury team up for expanded Phillies coverage during the 2011 season. As’s Phillies Insider, Salisbury will report on the team both at home and on the road, providing feature stories, video blogs and Phillies chats for the website. Gudel and Harris will provide coverage on-air and online, including exclusive interviews and feature stories on the players, coaches and personalities that make the Phillies tick. Harris will also host Phillies Clubhouse this season. Fans can follow Salisbury, Gudel and Harris on Twitter at @jsalisburyCSN, @lesliegudel and @omarshallharris, respectively.

Pre- and Post-Game Coverage

In addition to live game coverage, Comcast SportsNet delivers pre and post-game coverage and analysis. Before every game on Comcast SportsNet and The Comcast Network, viewers can catch the latest team developments, game previews and opposing team analysis on Daily News Live, SportsNite and Phillies Pregame Live.

Following each match-up, Phillies fans get a game breakdown with stats and highlights, and a look ahead to the rest of the season on Phillies Postgame Live. Other features include manager Charlie Manuel’s press conferences and reaction from the clubhouse. Phillies Postgame Live analysis will be provided by former Major League ball players Ricky Bottalico, Chris Coste and Ben Davis.

Bottalico returns for his fourth year as a Phillies analyst after playing 12 seasons in the major leagues including seven with the Philadelphia Phillies. Newcomer Chris Coste played four seasons with the Phillies, including the 2008 World Series season. Davis, a catcher from Malvern Prep, played seven seasons in the majors.

Phillies Clubhouse

Completing Comcast SportsNet’s Phillies lineup is the weekly 30-minute feature series Phillies Clubhouse. Phillies Clubhouse illustrates the deep bond between the Phillies and their fans with off-field player profiles, behind-the-scenes stories about fans and the people who make the team run, look into the future of the game with regular minor league updates, and relive great moments in Phillies’ history with the people who made it. This season’s features “My Memory” where Phillies players past and present recall the greatest moments in their career. “Phillies Clubhouse airs most Mondays at 7 p.m.

Comcast SportsNet’s Phillies Insider Jim Salisbury will have daily coverage of the Phils, including breaking news, extensive video and in-depth features. will also have a special “Aces Update” feature on the site which will follow the Phils’ starting rotation. Fans can also follow all games online with Comcast SportsNet’s “In-Game Live” which allows fans to follow the game live with play by play, stats and Comcast SportsNet tweets. Fans can follow Comcast SportsNet on Twitter at @CSNPhilly or Facebook

Phillies Ratings Roundup

Comcast SportsNet’s Phillies game ratings have climbed 148% since 2002, including the 2010 season, when the Phillies scored an 8.3 average rating (247,000 HH) for live game action, a 16% increase over 2009’s 7.14 rating. In 2010, fans also tuned in to Comcast SportsNet’s “Phillies Postgame Live” in record numbers; the program averaged a 3.7 HH rating (110,000 HHs), up 19% from 2009 also marking the 8th straight year of record growth.



3 responses to “Phil-lays on Comcast SportsNet

  1. When is CSN-Philly going to be available to households that receive their programming via satellite? It’s an absolute joke that Comcast snubs satellite households in the Philly DMA because Comcast has been in a hissy fit over not having the NFL Sunday Ticket package when that has nothing to to with DirecTV or to the issue at hand. Comcast continues to tell Philadelphia DMA households that have satellite, “sorry, you picked the “wrong” form of TV delivery into your home so you can not have our RSN.” It’s no problem if you have FIOS, but not satellite? An absolute joke. And, hey, Dave Montgomery and Phillies management, don’t you think you should ask Comcast to include Phillies fans who have satellite. After all, those that live in Pa. helped pay for your new stadium in 2004. Why should we be stuck missing the games because we picked satellite delivery? Come on Laura, do some investigative reporting work and get Comcast and DirecTV to find a solution. Just rehashing a press release isn’t getting it done, it’s simply a tease to those that can’t get Comcast either because they picked the “wrong” form of TV delivery, or they can not be wired for cable or FIOS. Comcast is simply a terrible company that couldn’t give a rat’s behind about its customers.

  2. Ben Davis??? Why not some diversity and add Stevie Jeltz or Jeff Stone.

  3. Do Not follow Marshall Harris on twitter. He is entirely unprofessional
    and does nothing to enhance his credibility, if it even exists

    It would be one thing if he used this professionally like many of his peers, but he doesnt.

    Shame on this network for promoting Harris this way.

    Might as well promote a teenager with some of his juvenille rants

    For proof, check out some of his posts.


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