Philly Name From The Past Checks In

Here’s an email from former Philly radio and television personality Bill O’Brien.

 Dancin’ On Air…

I hosted that show for 4 years on WPHL-TV and now live in Los Angeles and work for Dial-Global Media. Your site helps keep me up to date with everything back home…in Philly media.

Speaking of Dancin’ on Air, we were the first American TV show to feature a brand new band from England called…Duran Duran. I’m actually interviewing them again tomorrow …for Dial-Global (Tuesday 3/22) in Burbank in their dressing room backstage before they tape the Tonight Show.
I’m also presenting them with a DVD copy of their first TV appearance “back in the day” in Philly on Dancin’ on Air…should be fun.
Keep up the great work!
Bill O’Brien

2 responses to “Philly Name From The Past Checks In

  1. May as well roll out Stella from Saturday PM dead.

  2. Wow, Bill O’Brien interviewing Duran Duran.. Truly riveting.

    Maybe he can also talk to Bill Cosby

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