Michael Klein Moves On


Is there anyone out there (besides me) who still gets the print version of the paper?

10 responses to “Michael Klein Moves On

  1. Richard L. Lindberg

    I do.

  2. I refuse to pay frequently for that or the other fish wrap published in this city.

    The only caveat — i do pick up the fish wrap on mondays after an Eagles game when I am on a flight out from the airport

  3. I subscribe to the paper on the weekends only and have noticed that it is much smaller than it used to be.

  4. I love getting the paper and taking it with me in the morning. I find I am not as impatient when I can read it to pass the time. Not to mention the indepth reporting. Lots of the internet news is a rehash of rumors. Can’t beat the Inquirer for digging deeper. i.e. Family court building scandal, PHA, hunger in our neighbor, etc. Yes the internet breaks the story first, but the Inquirer tells the whole story, not just a sound bite. Well worth the money and I feel like my subscription is helping them continue their work. And no, I don’t have any relatives who work there!

  5. I continue getting it too 7 days a week. I will miss INQlings…just as I still miss Gail Shister’s column.

  6. Klein may have had a few local TV scene scoops …
    J Storm: irrelevant.

    Virtually everything Shister ever had was handed to her by the station PR departments or in at least one case, a GM. She was too busy trying to be a national TV reporter. She did do a pretty good job wrapping up rating sweeps results.

    If you have had any serious interest in Philadelphia TV, the real reporters breaking stuff have been Bykovsky and Gross.

  7. Perhaps, the paper, like Klein will disappear.

  8. Every morning by 5am in our driveway in all kinds of weather. I do see a decline – I have to rely on blogs for the latest stuff. Is the next step having to pay for everything on philly.com?

  9. Philly newspapers no longer even make good bird-cage doo catchers.

  10. I get both papers delivered every morning. Still enjoy them.

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