Oprah, It’s Not Too Late

When Oprah Winfrey learns that life will go on without her in September, she’s going to miss being on TV.

It’s not too late to change your mind Oprah.

7 responses to “Oprah, It’s Not Too Late

  1. I’m probably the only person with a TV who has never seen a full episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.


  3. Me neither, Have zero clue as to what this woman is all about other than herself. Have never watched one second of her programming or movie appearances.

  4. Me 3 Never have never will Good Bye O

  5. Do you think on her last show she’ll admit her & Gayle are a couple??

  6. hahahahahahaha!
    knowing how oprah’s show operates via promos, she’ll probably have Tom and Kate on or at least hold the taping date of the final show and try to have William and Kate on for the final show!

  7. Laura – Get over it.

    Similar to JayWex and CONNECTED (who is always on target), I have not watched a second of this show ever.

    I dont feel like there is a void in my life for not doing son.

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