Curious Choices For Phillies Post Game Live

It’s time for “Really With Seth and Amy.”

So Comcast SportsNet chooses a Phillies catcher for Post Game Live and it’s Chris Coste over Darren Daulton.  Really?

And the other new analyst is somebody named Ben Davis.  Really?

I don’t understand that reasoning.


9 responses to “Curious Choices For Phillies Post Game Live

  1. Uhh… Darren Daulton is NOT good to look at these days

  2. You don’t know Malvern Prep’s Ben Davis? He was a big-time prospect at one time…caught in the bigs

  3. RayFirefighter

    Daulton was BAD!!!!! He was boring to watch

  4. To be quite honest, Darren Daulton was terrible. He provided no relevant insight to the game that would make you go Wow that’s a really good point. It seemed like Darren cared more about getting a tan in Florida than his job.

  5. Agreed on Daulton … he was used quite often last year and I cant remember him ever offering an impressive insight. He was even more predictable than Homer PR Man Wheels.
    Contrast Daulton to Ricky Bo and Mitch Williams who are much different with realistic, honest insights.

    Chris Coste hosted a sports radio talk show for a time in his hometown in North Dakota. He is also credited with having written the bulk of his own book. He actually played with many of the current Phils. If he’s honest, he might have something worth listening to.

  6. I heard they went with Coste, Davis is that their each getting $10.00 hour, 2 Phils tickets and a hoagie from Talk of the Town.

  7. Bart, actually it’s ten dollars to spilt and a two day old hot dogs from Aramark.

  8. Daulton was rather unimpressive in his “analysis”

    Great call by our expert Marv – who knows good TV talent. Ricky Bo and Mitch W are really good.

  9. The choices CSN makes on it’s panel either Football or Baseball just Behoove ME! There is no market research here! Just throw it up against the wall and see if it sticks!

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