New Phil-lays Post Game People

Don Tollefson and Marty Bystrom (#50) handled the Post Game Show on Channel 17, Chris Coste and Ben Davis made their Post Game Live debuts on Comcast SportsNet, and Seth Everett handled the post game responsibilities on WPHT 1210-AM.


6 responses to “New Phil-lays Post Game People

  1. Thanks. I thought he was replacing Jim Jackson. With luck it’s Jolly.

  2. Nothing compares to Johnny Marzano!!

  3. Guess they are not going to spend any $$$. They got this whole crew for less than $2.00.

  4. tolley just wont go away! lol!

  5. The Phillies seem to make all the right moves : Except for their Broadcasters! The worst in the industry.

  6. Is Darren Daulton coming back as broadcaster Post game Show? What is he doing?

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