Soaps On The Way Out – Could Evening News Be Next

So who else thinks that the 6:30 p.m. network evening newscasts are the next genre in danger?


15 responses to “Soaps On The Way Out – Could Evening News Be Next

  1. This is no longer 1986. Bill Cosby is irrelevant. So is the Evening News

  2. Like every other newscast, too much fluff & nonsense. Time to go!! ut what trash are they going to use in place?

  3. I’m sure reruns of the Office beat the Evening News programs at 6:30. Someone needs to be creative… I think in Baltimore CBS runs their news at 7pm, with local news 6-7. Since they can’t find an anchor anyone wants to watch, they should just give up…

  4. The sooner both local TV news and broadcast TV news programming is removed from the airwaves the better. Both have become totally irrelevant in the 21st century digital age. No need to have someone program to you what THEY think is important at a scheduled time. We simply do not live in that type of day-to-day lifestyle anymore.

  5. They still make good money, which is the key difference from the soaps. No one is immune to belt tightening, but those pharmacutical ads, much as we like to mock them, bring in more bucks than Polident ads in the daytime.

  6. No one watches the soaps, but millions every night tune into either NBC, ABC, or CBS!

  7. maybe because there is more national news on the local news now that we need two and a half hours to fill. Maybe if they get rid of 6:30 news will the 6pm half hour news be next (once Jim Gardner retires and they end world news tonight?).

  8. And another thing…Why doesn’t ABC bring back Jokers Wild and Card Sharks to fill the soap void at 2pm or move General Hospital to 2pm after the new talk show or reality show premieres and run the game shows at 3pm before the news comes on? As long as the network makes the games each a half hour long that would cure the boringness. Just no judge shows we’re sick of those!

  9. It’s been reported that games-not necessarily those dusty old titles but games-were among candidates for the open slots. Like anything else, doing actual market research, not acting on a whim, led them in this direction. If these entries fail, so be it, they’ll move on to something else. As for the long news blocks, they’re not expecting the majority of viewers to watch that long, they’re simply making it available where an audience has grown for it. Some will watch at 4, some at 5, some at 6.

  10. Site god has spoken!!

  11. Wise and blessed be they who heedeth the word of a blog comment god.

  12. Former 6ABC Erica Grow is joining WTNH New Haven, Conn as its 6, 10, and 11 p.m weekend weather anchor.

  13. HomerJay,
    Sort of like how hot hits 98 was in the 80’s in the sense that those who were listening were not listening to 98 for long after their favorite songs played but came back to it when their songs were on deck tp play. Get your news, tune out then tune in for the latest weather updates!

  14. Hey HJ, I knew somewhere you had a sense of humor.

  15. Of course us gods have a sense of humor. We love doing things like raining frogs on people, subjecting New Yorkers to the Mets and all kinds of practical jokes.

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