6ABC Looking For Another Weather Person

With Adam Joseph moving to the new weeknight 4 p.m. news, 6ABC has an opening on the weekends….but it won’t be Erica Grow.


12 responses to “6ABC Looking For Another Weather Person

  1. Laura, you forgot to mention that their looking for a part-time person. How unusual is that; whether male or female. So their have 5 weathercasters. I want to ask Carla Carpenter, Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is something wrong with Cesily that she cant do 4 pm also…We see Bolaris, Orr and Schwartz do all the newscasts.


  2. Give it to Laura!!!!!

  3. More than likely they are using the opportunity to keep Adam happy by promoting him; without the need to demote Cecily.

  4. 4pm is a promotion? 11 people will be watching

    • New Clear Power

      4 PM Monday-Friday is a promotion over having to work weekends in Adam’s case.

      Why can’t they schedule Karen Rogers for the weather on the weekends (and traffic on M-W) and have Matt Pellman do traffic on Th/F. Karen’s subbed for David Murphy when he’s on vacation. Would probably be the more economically feasible thing to do.

      Anyways, they’ll probably hire some bimbo (or dude) who looks great on the camera but can’t make their own forecast at all and simply will rely on the prompter feeding them Accu’s forecast.

  5. Maybe their main meteorologist is contemplating another maternity leave?

  6. Yeah, because all of 11 people were watching Oprah. That must be it.

  7. Please.. Erica NO!!
    Interesting KM, all this week I’ve asked myself is “Cecily the preggers?”

  8. How about new Blerd Kenneth Moton?

    See if he can read a prompter and tallk about high pressure systems, and warm tropical air being pushed up from the South…

  9. Robert //CityWide Weather

    Meteorologists (or Weather Anchors) are not the same as news anchors when they are forecasting the weather and presenting it to the public. They do not use tele-prompters. They have to know all of the information in their head and look at the chroma-key-wall.

    Educated Guess: I believe it is likely that the next weather anchor will be a male.

  10. It’s highly unlikely and that it would be a big demotion for him, but maybe former Fox 29 meteorologist Rob Guarino could work on the weekends, and conduct the weather forecasts for Action News. Guarino would be a nice addition, but again, highly unlikely since Channel 6 hires talent that have not worked at other stations in the same market.

  11. Give Moton a shot! He cannot be any more stiff than he already is

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