Desperate Housewives Past Its Prime

Although I always watch Desperate Housewives, when ABC announces its fall schedule in May, it should make this next season, its last. 

Also, is there anyone out there who also thinks that Charlie Sheen will “get help” over the summer and return to “Two and a Half Men?”


3 responses to “Desperate Housewives Past Its Prime

  1. So how come you say that DH is past its prime, but yet you hang
    onto Howard Stern, Bonaduce, and Bill Cosby?

  2. DH had a prime??

  3. Although I would like to see him return to Two and a Half Men, it is highly unlikely that Sheen will return to the show this upcoming Fall. Given all of his recent troubles and mixed reviews from his comedy tour, his fame and status as a star are quickly fading away.

    Also, I don’t think that Sheen will get any help, nor does he want to get any help for his recent troubles. It’s also possible that Two and a Half Men may not even return next Fall. I don’t see another big name that will be able to take on his role nor generate the high ratings that Sheen achieved when he was on the show.

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