I’d Be Nervous If I Was John And Vai

The NBC affiliate in San Francisco will begin getting its sports reports from the S.F. Comcast SportsNet.  Comcast purchased NBC earlier this year.


9 responses to “I’d Be Nervous If I Was John And Vai

  1. Well, maybe like when CN8 went under, they can carry talent over to CSN like they did with Gregg Murphy.

    In San Fran, they did not lay anyone off, though their sports people went to news…

  2. Be careful how you use the word “Talent” and CN8! Oxy moron?
    Mr. Murphy is a utlility player. Jack of all trades, though master of none.

  3. Doesn’t Tony Bruno work for Comcast Sportsnet in California (Raiders gameday coverage)? That guy has too many jobs. How often is he in Philly for the 97.5 radio show & how often does he phone it in from California?

  4. no loss!!

  5. KNTV is owned by NBC not just affiliated with them. I don’t see that happening here though. I could see WCAU’s sports department being combined though with CSN with them sharing talent.

  6. Tony has a studio in his house, where he does most of his shows…

  7. Tony also has an inflatable party doll in his house that he prentends is his wife.

  8. Maybe Vai and Clark can stay and hopefully Bozo Marshall Harris can be jettisoned.

  9. Depending on their salaries, wouldn’t it help both Comcast assets to use Vai and Clark on both channels?
    They do a fairly credible job. Use their 10 newscasts to promote longer, “in depth” stuff on cable. Use their “in depth” stuff to attract some viewers for 10’s news.
    Depending on union contracts at 10, shift all of its sports production to Comcast Sports facility in South Phila.

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