L.A. Named Favorite Phillies Announcer

According to a Philadelphia magazine poll, Larry Andersen is the favorite Phillies announcer with 35-percent.  Tom McCarthy is second with 20-percent, followed by Scott Franzke at 18-percent, Gary Matthews at 17-percent, and Chris Wheeler at 10-percent.


7 responses to “L.A. Named Favorite Phillies Announcer

  1. wheeler’s an ass!! go LA & SF!!

  2. RayFirefighter

    Wheeler IS So bad to listen to then need to move LA to the Tv side!!!!

  3. I love L.A and I think he and Scott should be doing TV. I don’t mind Wheeler too much. but McCarthy and “sarge have got to go.” I know that won’t happen) at least stick them on the radio where we won’t have to hear McCarthy gushing all over sarge, with all those stupid questions he asks him instead of calling the game.

  4. McCarthy is growing more annoying each game. He’d be better doing pre/post games shows.

  5. McCarthy overdoes it big-time. Agree with Loves to Paint …he is tough to take.

    Love Frantzke and LA – happiness is listening to those two while relaxing on the deck.

    Not a fan of Jim Jackson either. Stick to hockey JJ – and take your bad 80s Ron Burgundy hair with you.

  6. Sadly, turning off the audio is the only way to deal with T Mac and Wheels.

    Who on earth are the 20% who picked McCarthy as their favorite?
    As for Gary Matthews, you could listen for days before realizing that once he was an outstanding major league baseball player. Adds virtually nothing.
    At least, he’s adequate on the post game interviews.

  7. It’s not too often that I can agree with the responses on this post…….Tmac is best doing the pre and post game show. LA is fun to listen too. Wheels is by far the worst. Sarge is fair to midland, adequate at best. Scotty boy is a pleasure to listen too. he maybe the only thing the current regime has done right in the broadcasting end of things!
    For having such a well run team, they really showed no interest in stepping up the broadcast end of things. Overall I give the entire gang a “C” at best.

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