Mother’s Day Treat

Loved the Mother’s Day Beverly Hills, 90210 marathon on SoapNet. 

SoapNet will be going away in a few months.

So how can ABC explain that soaps are too costly to produce, but they can pay Katie Couric 20-million dollars a year?


5 responses to “Mother’s Day Treat

  1. I missed this epic event.

  2. Just what everyone wants for their 72 in HD TV

  3. Ugh – I can’t stand Katie Couric!

  4. If thats a treat for Mom, how about a cruise missle??

  5. The costs of all those cast members plus writers, directors, make up, hair, wardrobe, etc., etc., etc. vs. the ever-lower return in terms of revenue adds up. Those are the economic realities today, good, bad or otherwise.

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