New Show Debuts On Howard TV

The new show, Behind The Scenes, debuts on Howard TV this month.

The best part of the show was seeing what Marianne from Brooklyn looked like (she’s pretty!)


4 responses to “New Show Debuts On Howard TV

  1. SEZ, YOU

  2. More “Living in the past” around here

    Too much emphasis on
    1) Oprah
    2) Howard Stern
    3) Danny Bonaduce
    4) Bill Friggin Cosby

    Its 2011, not 1992

  3. Howard is lost on me now. I don’t get it anymore.

  4. Philly, with its ridiculously high percentage of stability among its population, tends to be one of the bigger markets in which “Living in the Past” is popular. It’s particularly big with sports, other forms of entertainment and (pop) culture. Evolution is not strong in Philly’s vocabulary, which is sad for a city (market) of its size.

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