American Idol Thoughts

I’m disappointed that James Durbin was eliminated over Scotty McCreery. Next week is my favorite Idol week when the final 3 make triumphant returns to their hometowns.

In a related note, I’m happy that Paula Abdul will join Simon Cowell for The X-Factor in the fall, but I’m sure Fox didn’t expect some of its thunder to be stolen by NBC’s The Voice.


4 responses to “American Idol Thoughts

  1. They should all be shot!!

  2. Not only didn’t Fox expect “the Voice” to be as popular as it has been, But I don’t think Simon Cowell thought American Idol was going to be as successful without him as it has been either.

  3. American Idol hasn’t been the same since Paula & Simon left. They kept that lame Randy Jackson? The judges are terrible, Steven Tyler is a joke and very difficult to watch every week. I think this show is history, but I’m sure it will go on and on and on until it’s barely unrecognizable. Looking forward to X-Factor and a Paula/Simon reunion! They’re very entertaining together!

  4. Idol is different, that is for sure. tyler adds something unique compared to the negative feedback from simon. Paula and Lopez are a wash, Randy is whatever dawg? I still enjoy the show. It’s always tough when the originals are moving on. The talent is not really getting better, it’s that they are better prepared for what is about to happen.
    Looking forward to the x-factor it should be good.

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