NBC10 People On The Move

We are hearing that former NBC10 anchor Kristen Welker will become the White House correspondent for NBC News and that NBC10 morning anchor Aditi Roy will be joining the NBC network news as a reporter. 

Nightly News anchor Brian Williams once worked at NBC10 and NBC Nightly News producer Steve Capus is a Temple University graduate and former employee of Channel 10.


9 responses to “NBC10 People On The Move

  1. They’re bringing her back to the “right” East coast
    Good for her.

  2. when did brian williams work for nbc10?

  3. Williams was there in the 80s … often Jersey based reporting.

  4. Men in NY will be lining up for ADITI!! Thats some hot tail…..

  5. I guess no national promotion for Justin Pizzi? He can then stay local and cover the scene near 202 South 13th Street.

  6. hahahahahahahaha!

  7. WJ on the money AGAIN!! Justin is a big star in Woody’s!!!

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  9. That’s pretty cool NBC keeps pulling people from Philly. I will miss Aditi as my eye opener, I wish she would take Terry with her. But we still have Ms. Melle! And who cares about Justin Pizzi and if he’s at Woody’s or some s&m club or at church. Does it affect the job he does? Get over it, it’s 2011.

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