OMB – Bolaris Crazy Story

Fox29’s John Bolaris, who for the most part has stayed out the headlines in his second tour of duty in Philadelphia, is involved in a twisted tale involving Miami, women, credit cards, and more.


9 responses to “OMB – Bolaris Crazy Story

  1. This dude is such a bed bug, I’m soooooo happy that Karma finally got him!
    Just ask Jane Robolet or Sweet Lauren Hart.

  2. Bolaris should go on Oprah to talk about this. Oh wait, isnt her show ending? I am not sure about that. Can someone please clarify? Is the Oprah show going off the air? There hasnt been any Oprah chatter around here in ages.

    Please help!

  3. I saw Bolaris yammering away about this on Good Day today. OH PLEASE, what a total boob; the story was somewhat plausible until he got to the saga of day 2 . REALLY JOHN?

  4. Mr Storm of the Century should go back to NY. Total loser-pervert

  5. Ask Lauren Hart & Jane Robelot about this douche.

  6. This station has the biggest tools in local TV

    1) Steve Keeley
    2) Mike Jerrick
    3) John Bolaris

  7. What comes around, goes around!

  8. Everyone is forgetting Tiffany McElroy, his baby mama

  9. I don’t feel sorry for him. this guy was out for one thing and one thing only that night, and we all know what that was.

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