New 6ABC Weather Guy

Here’s Chris Sowers, the new weekend morning meteorologist for 6ABC.  He replaces Melissa Magee, who moves to weekend evenings, to replace Adam Joseph, who moves to the new 6ABC 4 p.m. show, which debuts May 26.


26 responses to “New 6ABC Weather Guy

  1. Another loser…….

  2. Taylor Millstein

    CONNECTED—what makes him “a loser”?

  3. I didn’t get a chance to see young Sowers. My first and only choice on weekend mornings is to check out Michelle Grossman — and the reason is never the weather. Her recent additions are usually not hard to miss.


  4. I saw Chris Sowers this morning, I thought he was good! He reminds me of John Anderson on Fox 29, he was informative and I felt he did a good job. Nice addition to Action News — if anyone needs to go it’s Melissa Magee and her ‘tude.

  5. Robert //CityWide Weather

    Wacky – your a sick pervert.
    JayWex – Melissa Magee and Chris Sowers are BOTH really good Meteorologists. Melissa Magee isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – let me tell you that.

  6. Take it easy Sponge Bob!

  7. I stand by my Melissa Magee opinion. GOOD is in the eyes/ears of the beholder. She may be an exellent Meteorologist; I don’t care for her as a TV Personality. And although she may not be going anywhere anytime soon — I can change the channel when she comes on,

    • Actually I disagree with Robert on this one; based on her highly praised fill in for Sam Champion during New Years, I don’t think Ms. Magee will be spending much time in the Philly market…

  8. I like how megan thinks that young Robert = Sponge Bob

  9. Perhaps Kenneth Moton should do a feature story on our young Robert City Wide, aka Sponge Bob. That would be a fun combo.

  10. Robert //CityWide Weather

    I find that there is a much racism from Wacky Jack and others on this website…Laura, please take notice of this.

  11. Racism?? What are you smoking? Al Sharpton rolled specials?

  12. Nobody is being racist here Robert.

    You have a good young mind and a bright future- but when you think you see things just one way — you are only preventing yourself from seeing things the way others see them. Its not always the race card. Sometimes, it sadly is. But not this time.

  13. Melissa McGee has really improved since she started out and is a total knockout! even though she called Rob Jennings “Jim” on Sundays 11pm cast.

    • I was watching and she called him “Jim” twice!! (open and close of her weather segment) She finally redeemed herself at the end of the 11pm newscast when they did a quick rundown of this week’s weather and said “Rob.”
      Rob knows it happens occasionally so he takes it well. I know it’s happened before but can’t remember who did it.

  14. FYI..the link goes to Cecily doing the weather

  15. Racism? Why do people see words that are NOT there. Not one person alluded to, either overtly or covertly anything to do w/race. Go spew your venom elsewhere, i.e. AL Sharpton’s blog.

  16. @ Connected — I agree. Not sure where the whole “racism” card comes into play here. Not really sure what our young Robert (aka Sponge Bob) saw.

    • “Should I play or No Go?”
      Ah, what the He–

      I don’t think “racism” was the most accurate term, but you have certainly made statements that could be considered borderline bigoted…so I can see where Robert is coming from with that.

      “but when you think you see things just one way — you are only preventing yourself from seeing things the way others see them”
      —-Hey Jackie, you could use this advice yourself sometime…lol

  17. Don’t blink Cecily and don’t look away. Better watch your back since WPVI is now overloaded with weather people.

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  19. No more than when Dave Roberts was there.

  20. Bonus Question for the Peanut Gallery–

    Why is it that every time someone mentions “Racism” on the Internet someone else has to invoke the name of Al Sharpton?

    Really, Why Is That?

  21. Bonus answer for p-nut brain. Al Sharpton is the #1 player of the race card. i.e. Tawanna Brawlet, el al. The Rev is just as evil as the KKK.

  22. Is morning weekend weatherman a full time job or does this guy have another job on the side?

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