Nobody Cares About Local TV People Anymore

Here’s a good article by Regina Medina of The Philadelphia Daily News that states that the hey day of local tv news personalities is over.


8 responses to “Nobody Cares About Local TV People Anymore

  1. Poorly writtten, poorly constructed, and unimpressive story. Typical lousy journalism from this paper, which has also gone downhill in recent years.

  2. They dont care only becuase nothing is happening. Next pile of dirt will bring everyone back onboard.

  3. WJ, You have to admit the substance of the story is true. May not be well constructed or unimpressive, though there is some truth to it.
    TV personalities are a dime a dozen these days. let’s face it if you are an attractive person, you get on tv. (in most cases) LOL!

  4. Megan — No disagreement with the story and its substance. But the article is poorly written, and in theory could pertain to plenty of other forms of media besides Local TV. Medina could have written (albeit in her poor style) about AM/FM radio, newspapers, etc.

  5. WJ agreed!

  6. Medina may not be the top reporter in town … but the story smacks of something a manager dreamt up as a sidebar to the Mendte/Lane trial …. and the reporter wasn’t given enough time to gather more content.

  7. Who said there was ever a hey day? Just because someone reads a telepromter on TV does NOT make them a celebrity. It’s simply a job to communicate. Are customer service representatives celebrities? No difference, just talking to you through a screen or a telephone or a computer. All the same, no big deal. Celebrities? I don’t think so. Yeesh.

  8. B—Amen to that! Agreed! spoon fed to the public and they are special….lol

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