Dawn Defends Larry Again



7 responses to “Dawn Defends Larry Again

  1. Douce bag!

  2. Mendte is like mold inside an old garage — a nasty odor that doesnt go away… just lingers around leaving a stench.

    Go away Larry. You are a tool.

  3. Sounds like Stockholm syndrome.

  4. Will this woman nver stop? Drags herself into this by whining that her career was a casualty of the Lane/Mendte scandal.
    No Dawn, Larry’s wandering ways had nothing to do with the death of your career. No personal crisis can hide the fact that you were getting too old to anchor and packing on the lbs., not to mention you paraded around as if you were entitled – Philadelphia Royalty. Larry’s lecherous ways were just a convenient out.
    Now run along – you and Larry can take turns trying on your makeup.

  5. Way to go DUTCH!!

  6. I know this isn’t the correct place, but wasn’t sure how to reach Laura otherwise. But Mark Haines, formerly of KYW-TV in the ’80s and of CNBC since it’s founding (’89?) passed away yesterday. CNBC people said he covered the MOVE incident from the rooftop of one of Channel 3’s newsvans. I don’t recall it myself, but maybe some of your readers do.

  7. At least neither is calling the Governor.

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