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Philadelphia, May 26, 2011 – CBS 3’s Eyewitness News wrapped up the May 2011 Nielsen ratings period with a strong number-two showing in the key demographic, Adults 25-54, in all newscasts for the first time in 16 years. Eyewitness News placed second 4:30 to 7 a.m., at 6 p.m. and at 11 p.m.    

The numbers gave Anchor Ukee Washington another reason to celebrate this week. Washington, who celebrated 25 years with Eyewitness News on Wednesday, can join his early-to-rise Co-anchor Erika von Tiehl, Meteorologist Kate Bilo and Traffic Reporter Bob Kelly in celebration of the May ratings book.  The morning team’s viewers were up 24 percent in rating in the key Adults 25-54 demographic from 5 to 7 a.m. over last year.  At the same time, CBS 3’s 4:30 a.m. newscast, less than a year old, is proving that there is an audience for news at the crack of dawn, with that time period up 52 percent over last year.

The good news continued at both 6 and 11 p.m. led by the team of Chris May and Susan Barnett, with Meteorologist Kathy Orr and Sports Director Beasley Reece. CBS 3 was up 13 percent in rating Monday through Friday in Adults 25-54 at 6 p.m, the only station to show growth in the demo at 6 p.m.  The late newscasts also performed well.  Eyewitness News at 10 on The CW Philly, anchored by Susan Barnett and Dave Huddleston, was up 25 percent in rating in the key demo, the only 10 p.m. newscast in the market to show growth, while CBS 3’s Eyewitness News at 11 finished the rating book less than one rating point behind WPVI in the  Adults 25-54 demo.

“It’s gratifying to see our audience growing across both stations,” says President and General Manager Jon Hitchcock. “When we made the decision to expand the Eyewitness News brand to The CW, our goal was to have one cohesive brand providing our viewers information at times that synched up with their need to know regardless of the station.  Today we are one seamless news operation focused on becoming the primary source for  news in the Delaware Valley, on CBS 3, on The CW and on” 

“I believe our growth demonstrates that our approach to newsgathering is striking a chord with our viewers,” adds Susan Schiller, Vice President and News Director for both stations. “On Your Side is more than a tag line, it’s how we look at issues, how we work to provide viewer benefit in our story selection and I-Team investigations.” 

CBS 3 (KYW-TV) and The CW Philly (WPSG-TV) are part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corporation.

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Source: Nielsen Station Index (April 28 –May 25, 2011 Live+SD)



9 responses to “CBS3 May Sweeps News

  1. Never in my life have a seen a press release to tout the fact that “we’re #2!!!!”


  2. This is really riveting. The station is happy to be #2 ?

    Give me a break.

    And while at it, give me some more of Lesley Van Arsdall and her yummies. And maybe give Erika Von Thiel some $$$ for a wardrobe upgrade

  3. Wack-

    EVT is nice on the eyes, but pretty weak at the anchor desk. She’s prob better suited to handle weekend mornings -be interesting to see who picks up Susan Barnetts slack when she heads out to have another baby. Seems I recall Susan returning a little sooner than expected after her last kid when EVT was grabbing her shifts upon first arriving in town.

  4. She’s pregnant….AGAIN? Didn’t she just have a baby? Good Lord she’s like a Dugger!

  5. Generally , I do not see Eyewitness News as a must watch broadcast. They have some valuable talent. I salute Ukee, Pat C, Jim Donovan, Anne Marie G, Leslie vanA, Beasley R and Elizabeth Hur.
    They need something more.
    I must admit that if this May ratings release is accurate and the 11 o’clock news is holding its own as CBS prime is eroding some, maybe May and Barnett are establishing a foothold. They are both pleasant presenters.
    But pleasant isn’t enough, there has to be some content that is the news of the day, interesting, and some of it important to me as I sit at home.

    Why would I watch 3 over 6 at 6pm or 11?

  6. Once again Marv nailed it. Very astute of him to call out the CBS3 A-Team
    including Ukee and LVA

    No mention of traffic goober Bumbling Bobby Kelly who continues
    to think he is breaking world affairs news with the way he “covers”
    the traffic. Rumor also has it that he is trying to “cover” Kate Bilo.

    Not the first time that Skirt-Chasing Bobby has been distracted….

  7. I don’t understand why everyone hates Bob Kelly. He may be tacky, but he is much better than the elf Matt Pellman. I like Ukee and EVT (even though she needs to work on her broadcasting skills), they are more entertaining to watch than boring Matt O’Donnell and whoever that girl who sits next to him name is. Kate fits in perfect as well, even though no one can replace Doug Kammerer.

  8. Kelly makes the traffic into more that what it is. He is not reporting from behind enemy lines. He is not delivering world news. He is not even discussing financial markets, economics, or anything business related.He overdoes things to justify his own self-worth. His catchy nicknames (Benny?) need to go too. Hopefully Bilo and her husband keep an eye on his wandering eye (and maybe other body parts).

  9. Notice that the press release just gave percentages -not actual numbers. It is an old trick. If you have crappy ratings – say a 1.0 – and you go up to a 1.26 – HEY you’re up 26 percent. CBS3 is in the toilet! They get a great lead-in at 11 and cannot hold it.

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