4 P.M News on 6 First Impressions

So what did everyone think about the new 4 p.m. show on 6ABC?

I want Oprah back now!



17 responses to “4 P.M News on 6 First Impressions

  1. Less is more! I like all the reporters, but it certainly D R A G S out the news.

  2. As far as I am concerned, the new 4pm 6ABC newscast has the same impact as Oprah did for me – I don’t watch it.

    Regarding, “I want Oprah back now” — how is that coming along??

  3. It’s the news. A little earlier. What more should we say?

  4. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much of a happy, smile news broadcast. How many times do we need Brian, Adam, Alicia(PLEASE!!!!!) or Alicot with a happy face even on news that is SERIOUS. One, Alicia V. she is just buddling with excitement no matter what going trend is coming to. As a man, yes its nice to see her upper torso. If Brian ever gets the 6 and 11 gig from Gartner I would do anything for him not to get the promotion. He’s just annoying with that radio voice on tv. Just as bad when the co-anchors segue way to a commerical and look at each other, again can they CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!! For that matter, can Bernie and Carla cancel this out and bring me Katie or Anderson. At least I would get more information, education then another newscast that brings me the same info as the 5, 6 and 11.

  5. Betting the house and the horse on almost nothing but newcomers is a mistake. For 30 years, Action News has tended to ease them in, ease them out if it was neccessary. It worked.
    Now we see an almost desperate roll of the dice, betting on newcomers who will “appeal to a younger demo.” Other than a comparative few young mothers, what “younger demo” members do you know who are sitting around at 4 pm hoping to watch television news?

    Make Rick Williams anchor the 4 and the 5!

  6. Well said Marv. They should give Rick Williams the whole hour for stand up. Damn, he’s smart, good looking and super funny-and quick, don’t forget quick! He is much more than a news anchor and 6 ABC would be wise to take advantage of his other considerable talents.

  7. I agree w/Augustmom and add; he puts up w/that whack-a-do Malpass.

  8. As always, Marv brings the old school perspective and hits a home run.

    Kudos to Marv for his excellent contributions here.

    Perhaps Marv could become a mentor for our Young Robert Weatherguy (aka Sponge Bob). Would be great to see Robert learn from a Maestro!

    Lastly, I agree that Vitarelli is just way too cheery. But she is easy on the eyes. Speaking of which, does anyone have any updates on a potential return from Erin O’Hearn?

  9. Laura, why no post when Alicia Vitarelli first entered the market? You usually give the newcomers some notice.

  10. Most of the Oprah audience will watch Dr. Phil at 4, since most of them put Dr. Phil on after Oprah anyway (as the ratings show). Then, as the ratings have regularly shown, they will stay and watch the news afterward.

  11. Most of Oprah’s viewers put on Dr. Phil? The ratings tell a quite different story.


  13. I don’t know…I’m watching the 4PM news on 6ABC now and it’s really not that bad. Maybe it’s just too darn hot but they aren’t all that slap happy today either. My motto is that generally, a bad broadcast on 6ABC is still better than anything 3, 10 and 29 put out there!

  14. Why in the world would anyone even watch local TV news (f you can even call it news) in this day and age? Is anyone surprised that it’s nothing but smiling face fluff? That’s what TV news has become over the last decade or more. It’s simply the worst originating programming on any given local TV station.

  15. If the Oprah/Gayle story is true, Laura will be broken-hearted!!

  16. like it or not, Katie Couric will be coming soon at 3pm I hear? She reportedly will take General Hospital’s spot? Like I need another reason to not watch her. Sorry all you couric fans, I can’t stand her.

  17. That means afternoons w/Couric the cougar?? Better off watchin paint peel

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