TV Appearance

I will be discussing Oprah on It’s Your Call With Lynn Doyle tonight at 8:30 p.m. on The Comcast Network.


6 responses to “TV Appearance

  1. Apparently Oprah has retired. Can someone confirm this rumour? There has been very little talk about this topic on this board. And can someone please clarify if there has been any programming on Channel 6 to replace her? Or is the station just showing a still of her picture for the hour?


  2. Can we please forget Harpo, she’s done & gone!!

  3. Great idea. I completely agree. Let’s put her in the rear view mirror.

    Connected, as always, nailed it: She is done and gone.

    Maybe some people can finally do something with their lives at 4pm now that she is history.

  4. What is the obsession with Oprah? She is offically a has-been.

  5. The Oprah obesssion hopefully should be over now that she
    is no longer on the air. Her woeful OWN is still on the air
    and is rife with problems — one exec is already out

  6. Good news, no one watches Doyle anyway.

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