News Director Leaving Town

We are hearing that Kinglsey Smith, the news director at Fox29, is leaving the station to become the news director for the Fox affiliate in Los Angeles.  No word on a replacement yet.


11 responses to “News Director Leaving Town

  1. See ya Kingsley!! Maybe the GM will get his act together and have a ‘normal’
    10 PM newscast. Wondering if their was some disagreement among the two; news director and G.M. Anyway, I believe this is the 3rd n.d. to come and go within 5 yrs. Also, in general how many weathercasters does one station need.
    Seems we are up to 5 on a staff, ie. 6abc. Tynan, Joseph, Murphy, Magee, Somers.

  2. Taylor Millstein

    Bart, I couldn’t agree more (ref: Kingsley and a ‘normal’ newscast). Haven’t stomached their news in a good year now. OH, and channel 6? It’s “Sowers” and also there’s Karen Rogers…

  3. Fox 29 needs to clean house. That hag Lauren Cohn couldnt anchor a canoe.
    Hepp resembles a cheerleader that never matured. Gomez is pathetic. This new babe, Lena (Leenah) resembles plastic surgery gone wrong. Huddles, Bolaris should be sent to Channel 69 in Allentown.

  4. I agree with you mshottie, Fox News is a joke, it seems like all of the rejects from other stations end up there. Anyway, who cares if the news director leaves, no one watches 29 !!!! I sure don’t watch it….

  5. How come you broke the news now? My initial hunch was that you would wait a few months like the Barkann story in Philadelphia .

    Good riddance to this charlatan. I had no idea that this low-roller station actually delivered any “news”

    Maybe he can take phonies Jerrick, Keeley and Frederick with him too.

  6. I’m still trying to figure out why they let Bill Vargas go.

    At first I thought they were trying to save money.

    Then, they replaced him with everybody and their brother.

  7. RayFirefighter

    Fox Not The News at 10 has been a wreck. Stop watching it about a year ago. When they bring the News back I will watch it.

  8. Eliminate all the Fox bedbugs and start from scratch. But keep Keeley as a mascot.

  9. Safe to assume no one is enamoured with FOX29. Produce dartboard size photos of the news crew.

  10. Not to be argumentative, connected, I don’t have a problem with the Fox29 news crew, I have my faves , and as for those who aren’t exactly faves, well, they’re trying to make a living, too.
    As a viewer, Fox seems to have a “revolving door” mentality.
    In Major League Baseball, the adage is “ya can’t fire 25 players so ya fire the manager” .

    At Fox29, it seems the opposite is true.

  11. Smith came here from out of town — St Louis. He failed. Miserably.

    Action News for 30 years has had a significant local presence in its newsroom. Not all Philadelphians all the time, but still a substantial amount. Many of their outsiders have been here long enough to be almost Philadelphians.

    Here’s a far out idea: This time, the geniuses at the National Fox Brain Trust should go out on a limb. Try a Philadelphian broadcaster as News Director. Could Action News possibly know something about successful TV news in this market?

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