Glen Macnow: A Havertown Treasure

From the Haverford-Havertown Patch.


3 responses to “Glen Macnow: A Havertown Treasure

  1. The author also is a WIP employee. That said; Macnow is a pompous, unpleasant person. Unless of course, he’s selling a book with that antique R-Diddy who should just stay retired and get healthy.

  2. Glen and Anthony have the BEST show on wip. They treat their callers with respect even if they disagree. I am a big fan of Glen.

  3. A bit of a fluff piece and a suck-up job, but on the whole Macnow is pretty solid in my book. He is one of the more “reasonable” voices on this station and unlike his jock-sniffing partner (Cuz Gargano) , he doesnt suck up to everyone in town. The pairing with Didinger is his best work. Nice guy in person too.

    I could do without some of the “Best _____________ (food item) of Philadelphia” but at least he has a good time doing it.

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