Save Our Soaps

With Katie Couric set to take over the 3 p.m. timeslot on ABC stations in September 2012, how about ABC makes General Hospital a summer show?  Katie’s show will be in reruns for most of the summer anyway.  GH could run for 3 months, then return the following year.

Or since we have so many summer shows like The Bachlorette, Big Brother, and America’s Got Talent, instead of canceling the soaps, how about making them summer shows?


7 responses to “Save Our Soaps

  1. How about just ditching Katie and leaving General Hospital on all year?

  2. A summer soap just isn’t practical economically. Times have changed, and they aren’t going back.

  3. Maybe there can be a 3pm time slot made exclusively for you

    Bill Cobsy and Howard Stern could co-host a show about anyone to ever appear on the Brady Bunch or Cosby Show or the soaps. Danny Bonaduce could make a guest appearance too.

    Name of the Show — Trapped in the Past

  4. How about ABC just pack up and leave the airwaves. First All My Children, One Life To Live and now General Hospital. The shows that are replacing them are WORTHLESS. The person running that network needs to resign and they need to hire someone who will listen to the viewers. Keep the soaps!!!!

  5. Keep money losers with no future? There’s a good business strategy.

  6. Couric should follow Oprah into the sunset. Talentless old hag.

  7. Unfortunately, with the economics of Daytime Network Television, Soap Operas that
    have been a staple for over 60 years are all being cancelled. General Hospital, in my opinion, will be cancelled in 2012 leaving ABC with no more daytime dramas. I also feel that NBC will be cancelling Days of Our Lives in the next couple of years when there
    contract expires and CBS will follow this pattern also. The audience is not there to continue this Genre of Television on the broadcast networks. Talk Programs are less expensive to produce and there are more reruns to save costs. Except for CBS, the
    other networks have not broadcast Game Shows for two decades basically for the same economic reasons in this 21st. Century world of Television Entertainment.

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