Guarino Gets Job

Former Fox29 meteoroglist Rob Guarino is going back to the west, as he will become the chief meteorologist for KVOA, the NBC affiliate, in Tuscon, AZ. 

Guarino, a graduate of the University of Delaware worked for Fox29 11 years before going to KOAT in Albuquerque, NM a few years ago.


11 responses to “Guarino Gets Job

  1. Thank you Laura. Unfortunately, Rob moves from TV market # 47(Albuquerque) to #67(Tucson)

  2. Perhaps there are openings for Mike Jerrick, Steve Keeley and Jennaphr Frederick
    in the #67 market.

    Jerrick reappeared on Fox News this past weekend, sucking up to the blonde
    next to him in a short skirt. His on-camera demeanor was downright creepy

  3. I always liked Rob Guarino and felt he really knew his work. For reasons I’ll NEVER understand, FOX29 chose Bolaris over Guarino — just ewwwww. I wish Rob well.

  4. Robert //CityWide Weather

    I really liked Rob when he was at WTXF-TV. I hope he does well in Arizona! Best of luck to you, Mr. Guarino.

  5. Pretty sad that you can have a meteorologist of Rob’s caliber scrambling for a job in Tucson where the weather is the same everyday. Then here, at the #5 market, you get subjected to the likes of the Clown Prince of Drama a.k.a Storm of the Century Pontificator Bolaris and Sally Man Nosey. Need I say more?

  6. Good to hear from young Robert (aka “Sponge Bob”). He seems like a good fellow. We need more contributions from him, as he has been out of the mix for a few weeks.

  7. hi everyone, maceo is back from military duty. getting caught up on the happenings on this site.

  8. Dutch, Philly is actually the #4 market.

  9. Taylor Millstein

    Dutch, you put it spot on. I couldn’t agree more…

  10. All TV weather is BS.

  11. Hey Maceo! Welcome back Sir, and thank you for your service.
    Looking forward to seeing you post here again…once you get settled in, check out this new staffer at 6ABC – Alicia Vitarelli – let us know your thoughts.

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