Amy Freeze in NYC

For those of you like me who did not know this, former NBC10 weather anchor Amy Freeze, has been working as the weekend meteorologist for WABC in NYC since April.

Freeze departed NBC10 in 2007 for the Fox affiliate in Chicago.

8 responses to “Amy Freeze in NYC

  1. She was nixed for the Tuscon job in favor of Guarino – so she settled on NYC

  2. Whta happened in Chicago?? I suppose her face scared too many children.

  3. To connected, a new News Director arrived in town, thus her contract wasn’t renewed. CBS3 management missed the boat hiring Freeze for the weekend. Drabick seems like a nice guy, BUT he has no camera presence.

  4. If Drabick doesn’t work out, CH3 will wait until he is slightly familiar to viewers. And then he will be replaced with Yet Another Eyewitness News Weather Person.

    Look at who they’ve let slip away: Maria LaRosa (good enough now for the weather channel), Doug Kammerer (good enough to be lead weather for DC’s top rated station). Paul Deanno (very strong). There have been others.

    Is talent stability useful for ratings success? Ask Action News management.

  5. To Marv,

    Let me correct if you let me. LaRosa moved to the W.C. and Atlanta because her husband was relocated there. Thus, like any job and rarely with media on-air jobs she was at the right place at the right time. So yes in terms shelling out cash to move, but she probably making more with a decent work schedule; unlike at CBS3. With Doug K. he had more issues. 1st, he though we all thought he has a chipper personality it seems he’s all business. 2nd, Doug was having a personality clase with Kathy Orr. Thats not opinion this was reported by writers. Then, again being at the right place at the right time. WRC-Washington weather-person Bob Ryan decided to retire. Doug is a native
    of the Washington-Virginia area, thus all of this came together. Now he is chief
    weather-person doesnt have to share the set with Orr. So Marv if you want to blame anyone give it to CBS3 news director Susan Schiller.

  6. What was 3 supposed to do when all of their top talent were offered better jobs at more convienience elsewhere? Do ya think 3 would have hired Bolaris or stolen Glenn Schwartz? Maybe they should have been nicer to Dave Frankel and let him forecast the weather or offered to pay for meterology school!

  7. BTW I haven’t watched 3 since 6 started 4 o clock news and I’m forced to watch Judy on 29. Who anchors the 5 now at 3?

  8. To 3 and 6 Fan,

    So your boycotting watching CBS3 @ 5pm.

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