The Debbie Downer of WIP

Is it just me, or is Rob Ellis the Debbie Downer of WIP (which is saying alot)?

11 responses to “The Debbie Downer of WIP

  1. Obnoxious, cocky, no it all. Can’t stand him.

  2. He has probably exceeded Big Shot Bob Charry in that category.

    On the flip side, however, Rob is not a suck-up jock-sniffing butt-kisser like
    Anthony Cuz Gargano. Cuz is constantly pretending to be one of the guys,
    dropping names and nicknames and trying (too hard) to be an insider.
    Cuz – You are NOT an insider. You used to be a good journalist. But now you
    are all about J-Roll, Djack, Jmac, AI2, Prongs, and worst of all Trott.

  3. I think youre nuts. Rob Ellis is very objective and he does have his opinions. Debbie Downer?? He doesnt have pom poms and get all caught up in the positives of the teams in Philly if thats what you are talking about.
    I feel like everyone on WIP has varying views on team management, coaches , players etc. Some are stronger than others. Rob Ellis doesnt seem like a “downer” to me.
    Howard Eskin on the other hand seems too hard on Phillies management and he too much on an Andy Reid supporter when it comes to the Eagles.
    My least fav part of WIP is Angelo Cataldi, simply because Iam more of a sports fan and he is more of an “entertainer” and says things just to draw attention.

  4. Ellis is the worst, he should be a vendor at the Linc. He should take BSTAR & Shandler (?) and move to one of the Dakotas. They could also bring Jolly as their mascot.

  5. I can at least generally listen to Ellis.

    But The Whacker has The Cuz’s number. Oftentimes he’s just too over the top to listen to.

  6. Marv — Thanks for the kind words. Your old school perspective is terrific.

    Both you and Hal Sacks are tremendous contributors…

  7. WJ is right on! The cuz has lost his luster in this town and he should move on. i can not listen to his antics! Ellis is boring. don’t care for him.
    Eskin is done!

  8. Megan, thanks for the kind words.

    Many people share the same sentiment about Cuz… His act
    has grown thin.

  9. RayFirefighter

    Bring Back Jody Mac!!!!!! WJ is always right… But the worse of the worse on WIP is Angelo Cataldi his act was done a long time ago he think he is funny but man is he BORING!!!!

  10. How is Big Daddy Graham doing these days?

  11. Ray — Thanks for the kind words. I agree re Cataldi — He has become a middle-aged unfunny guy whose “shtick” is worn out and growing tiresome

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