Sports Broadcasting Camp Returns

Jim Jackson, Mike Missanelli, Paul Jolovitz, Joe Lunardi, and Sal Paolantonio are just a few of the local sports personalities appearing at the Play by Play Sports Broadcasting Camp at Villanova University, currently in session.

The camp, which began here a few years ago, is now is six other cities across the country.

8 responses to “Sports Broadcasting Camp Returns

  1. Jolly (as he calls himself) need to attend camp, not teach it. He is another host on wip who is obnoxious, arrogant no it all that god forbid you disagree with his great knowledge you don’t understand the sport. Thats why he has worked there for 12 years and has never had a full time slot.

  2. A nice plug for our pal Jeremy Treatment!!


  3. No plugs for me, thank you.

  4. Welcome home, Mace !

  5. With that group, hopefully this camp is FREE!!! Maryann you are being way too kind to Jolly. BTW, Jackson would be fine is he stuck to hockey.

  6. Comon’ Jolly knows his stuff, and I don’t think he’s obnoxious in sharing his knowledge. His approach to Eagles post game coverage is very informed.
    (I am not on his payroll).

  7. Jolly is decent. He does know his stuff.

    But sometimes he works in too many references and other topics while disussing his main point

  8. save your money……its a one trick poney act!

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