July 4 on 6ABC

From 6ABC:

6abc Rocks July 4th!

LIVE Coverage of Wawa Welcome America! Festival

Monday July 4 Starting @ 7pm



(Philadelphia, PA) On Monday July 4th, the stars and stripes come to life in your living room!   6abc is the proud broadcast partner for Philadelphia’s Wawa Welcome America! Festival, putting you in a front row seat for all the entertainment.

Monday starting at 7pm, 6abc brings the celebration to your house, with hosts Rick Williams and Cecily Tynan broadcasting LIVE from the annual Party on the Parkway.  Karen Rogers and Adam Joseph join them with an exciting July 4th edition of FYI Philly.

Then, the musical stars shine!  6abc puts you center stage for the largest free concert in America!  All eyes will be on the headlining act, Philadelphia’s own hip-hop band, The Roots, with special guests Sara Bareilles, Michael McDonald, Estelle, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Earth, Wind and Fire, plus surprise guests!  It’s all topped off with the exciting fireworks finale.

17 responses to “July 4 on 6ABC

  1. Right from the Cut and Paste Department…

    “Karen Rogers and Adam Joseph join them with an exciting July 4th edition of FYI Philly” Should be riveting.

  2. Robert //CityWide Weather

    I enjoy that Rick Williams took over for Dave Roberts with Cecily Tynan! They both make a great team.

    Since Melissa Magee joined FYI Philly as a Reporter, I wonder if she will make an apperance on the 4th of July before 7pm aswell as Adam and Karen. Can’t wait!

  3. Young Robert is quite well versed on these issues.

    I didn’t know that Magee joined FYI Philly. Perhaps Laura didnt get that press release?

    I do think Magee is quite good. She doesnt try too hard at what she does, and comes off as confident and professional in her weather reports.

    Kudos to Young Robert (Sponge Bob) for sharing this with the rest of us!


  5. Connected, as always, brings up a very important question.

    Where is the mother of two? Her maternity leave should be ending, right?

    Website still not updated.

    Is she coming back or not?

    I suppose we must wait for the press release from the station which should appear here shortly thereafter…


  6. Erin is most likely to be incorporated into the 4pm news as a features person and parenting perspective contributor as she is now!

    Why doesn’t Monica join Rick and Cecily for the Welcome America coverage? They are great together as they are on the 5pm News!

  7. Currently, Monica is occupied looking for a “daddy” for her new baby. She been in a drought lately. Turkey baster lacks something.

  8. RayFirefighter

    Oh God Connected that is FUNNY!!!!!!! lol Its a Matter of time before Monica is gone. I like the team of Alicia And Rick

  9. I blinked and the fireworks were over. A non event except for the music.

  10. That was a show?? EWF mailed it in, no effort. Gerald Levert was awful

  11. Gerald is DEAD!!
    That was his father, Eddie, of the O’Jays

  12. mea culpa

  13. Eddie, Gerald whomever, he was awful!!! As was EWF. Philip & Ralph are
    just helping their kids (the two young guys w/long dreds) make some $$.
    Verdeen always puts out 110%. Maurice would be twitching if he heard that performance.

  14. Gerald is DEAD!!
    I’m no attorney, but Maceo never said Gerald was alive.
    He said he was awful.
    Most of the time, there’s a difference.
    Still, I am appalled that they put a dead guy onstage.
    I bet they billed him as the ultimate soul singer.
    Promoters have no conscience.

  15. Was there also a Marty Bystrom sighting on 6ABC?

  16. July 4th always rocks on 6abc since they got the welcome america rights in 1988!

  17. that was the worst example of a 4th of July entertainment show I’ve seen. Earth Wind And Fire? and who ever those other other urban, inner city punks jumping around with their hands all over themselves… what trash! I switched over to the Boston Pops on ch.3. Patriotic songs, fireworks set to music and Martina McBride. It was excellent, Boston > Philly big time.

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