Jamie Apody Married

Congratulations to 6ABC sports anchor, Jamie Apody who got married to Paul Coleman Saturday night at the Loews Hotel in Philadelphia.


9 responses to “Jamie Apody Married

  1. Good for her. She seems likeable and personable.

    Her on-the-air presence is much better than the days when she acted like a sorority little sister, describing everything as “awesome”.

    Keith Russell continues to be unimpressive — overdoing everything and getting too enthustiastic about the mundane. Gardner sometimes stares him down for this.

    Skevrsky is still adequate at best, and reminds me of kids at summer camp

  2. Apody has good on air presence, accurate content. She’s an asset.

    Memo to ABC6 Managers: How about helping the other two sports types adjust their style and content? There’s nothing wrong with TV talent getting some feedback and guidance. If there are no managers there who understand how to do on air television, invest in an outside coach.

  3. Where’s the honeymoon??

  4. 6abc is so disappointing these days with the likes of Keith, Jeff, uber stiff Brian Taff and that beady eyed new weather guy…whatshisname.

    I’m moving on to Fox29 (for the laughs) and CBS3 (for the graphics).

  5. Oh, one more thing.
    Jamie’s got a catch there! *swoon*
    She’d better hold on TIGHT.

  6. Always good to hear from Marv- one of the old guard.

    He is spot on as always. Russell really needs coaching and feedback.

  7. 6 abc sports are the biggest joke! It’s a 3 ring circus……….college sports productions are more impressive.

  8. Megan, you dont enjoy corny Keith?? (LMAO)

  9. Hahahahaha! Congrats Jamie!
    She’s easier on the eyes than some!
    Walter Perez should have been considered for th 4pm show since he worked his way through mornings. I know what its like to have to get up at 2am and be in work by 4am for weekend mornings! I’ve been doing it for almost five years and have worked every sunday since I was 17 years old so I can relate!

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