Philly Fall Schedule

We are getting some bits and pieces about the Philly fall television schedule.  Dr. Oz is moving from CBS3 to Fox29 and Anderson Cooper’s new talk show will air on CBS3.

We already know that the 6ABC lineup will be without Oprah and All My Children in September. One Life to Live goes away in January.


8 responses to “Philly Fall Schedule

  1. I had no idea that the 6ABC lineup will be without Oprah.

    First I am hearing about that news. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Think 6abc will become a porn station??

  3. I hope Dr. Oz gets canceled. I really dislike him.

  4. What’s next? The paint drying Olympics??

  5. Once again- our good friend and AMERICAN HERO, Maceo, has nailed it.

    None of these programs sound interesting or inspiring.

    Its a good thing I am not home during the day time as I would have no interest in any of this rubbish

    Kudos to Maceo

    And for those who dont know — Maceo is a 1st teamer all-Nachman and a true American hero — serving our country overseas!

  6. Wow WJ, I’m speechless. Many thanks for the kudos & hero. But, everyone of my fellow soldiers is an American hero.

  7. CBS 3 Has been airing Paid Programming during Oz’s time slot 9am weekdays since his ‘im going to fox 29’ promos have gotten heavy rotation. was their a handover date with the show to which it is no longer in 3’s hands?

  8. I hope Anderson Cooper’s show replaces news at 4 on 6 it is that awful i just stick to 5 and 6 but I’m forced to watch Judge Judy at 4 since I HATE DOCTOR PHIL!

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