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15 responses to “Tell WIP What You Think

  1. Get rid of Cataldi.

    Tell Gargano to stop being a jock-sniffing butt kisser.

    Get rid of Hugh Douglas — who continues to be poorly prepared and never knows the names of any player in ANY sport.

    Get rid of G Cobb — He has nothing to say.

    Get rid of BIg Daddy Graham — He is NOT funny.

  2. Gargano should stop being a jock-sniffing butt kisser.

    And also Cuz, drop the Yo! Bro! Woah! Dude! Start by cutting back using each phrase just 200 times per show. Then reduce to 100 times per show.
    Etc, Bro!

  3. Marv- You nailed it. He tries too hard to be overly chummy with everyone — callers and atheletes. The “Cuz” also has an annoying habit to laugh at
    items which are not funny or warrant a chuckle.

    He would be more effective if he was a bit more contrarian at times.

    As always, Marv knows his talent…

  4. Cuz & Cobb are tied for the worst. Especially Cobb, he rambles about nothing. He constantly loses his concentration etc.

  5. Maceo, as usual, is spot on.,…… Cobb never has anything to say.

    But — some breaking WIP news this evening (18 July)

    Back on the air at 7pm — JODY MAC

    Perhaps Laura wasnt aware of it (and was watching a rerun of Oprah)

  6. How about getting rid of that no talent dope Howard Eskin. Why does this guy still have a job at the station? All this guy does on the air is demean callers every time they dare disagree with him on a sports point. And his “Inside” information is usually wrong.anyway. No wander why Mike Missaneli is kicking this losers butt on the radio.

  7. Sorry, “Insider” information.

  8. The only “inside” that Cuz ever saw was the men’s room.

  9. It sounded like Jody Mac was a 1 nighter on July 18th. Great to hear him in WIP again. I’ll vote for a regular shift for Mac Man & I can think of at least 4 guys (some of them already mentioned) he could bump.

  10. WIP has become the parallel universe of local broadcasting: They say Cataldi is talented – he is the opposite, and unlistenable. They say Big Daddy Graham and Joe Conklin are hilarious – they are the opposite. Cataldi even claims Rhea Hughes is smart and beautiful – she is the opposite (oofah). Ironically, it is the people they DON’T promote who are worth hearing: Al Morganti, Keith Jones, Glenn Macnow, etc. Here’s hoping the reports (above) of Jody Mac’s return are true…

  11. Spot on regarding the freakazoid Rhea Hughes.

  12. do they even talk about sports on the morning show? or Grahams show? All I ever hear when I listen is talk about movies, wing bowl, some benefit being put on etc. I listen to WFAN where they talk about all sports not just New York teams.

  13. The best is hearing Cobb or Douglas talk about hockey… hilarious

  14. They really speak????? Sounds like mumbles to me.

  15. Gibby,

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I would not listen to Cataldi if they paid me.
    I do not remember the last time they talked sports either on the morning
    show. I had hope when 950 started but after they let Jody Mac go and hired
    that pompou ass Missanelli I gave up on them. I listen to the ESPN portions
    but turn to WFAN BRING BAC JODY MAC

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