Fox29 Hires Former Channel 10 News Director

Former NBC10 news director Steve Schwaid is returning to Philadelphia to work for Fox29.


6 responses to “Fox29 Hires Former Channel 10 News Director

  1. Ummmmm……what’s a duopoly ?

    Is it a monopoly on both of them ?

    If so, what ARE they ?

    Do they have a hotel on Park Place AND the Boardwalk in these cities ?

  2. Suggestions for Steve Schwaid:

    1) Get rid of Steve Keeley
    2) Get rid of Mike Jerrick
    3) Get rid of Jennaphr Frederick

    These are three of the biggest phonies and self-righteous frauds in the city

  3. Corporate managers at CBS and Comcast NBC missed a BIG OPPORTUNITY here. Schwaid is one of the most successful television news managers of the last 20 years.
    As News Director or General Manager, he could fix CBS3 or NBC10.
    By this time next year, Fox 29 will be trending upwards.

  4. Not w/that talentless crew of losers!!!

  5. Please, nobody is quaking in their boots at 3,6 and 10 because this has-been rode into town. It’s no longer 1986 when local news was must-see TV. Steve’s glory days are long behind him and nothing he does will get people to tune into that pitiful product that FOX rolls out. Unless it snows … Then everyone tunes in. Who’s the weather guy over there at FOX? Ha!

  6. Drayton & Cohn must go!

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