Rachael Ray Show Great Philly Grill-Off

Go to www.6abc.com to enter for a chance to compete on the show, which airs weekdays at 10 a.m. on 6abc.


7 responses to “Rachael Ray Show Great Philly Grill-Off

  1. I wonder which babe, Rachel or Anita Viterelli can eat more?? My $$ on
    Vitarelli by one rib.

  2. Alicia Viterelli is a BIG girl.

  3. Baby Alicica has some hips and biceps

  4. Alicia needs to tone down her entire approach. She is too cherry and as a result, she comes off as phony. She takes herself way too seriously.

    And yes, she does have some hips.

    Hopefully she is not on the Jessica “Pork Shoulder” Borg track

  5. The meterologist on Channel 10 (Backyard Picnic Thursdays) seems to sporting too much cleavage lately. I forget her name, but the choice of wardrobe has gotten interesting over the summer. There’s really little else to notice on any of these broadcasts.

  6. enough about Jessica already! Anyone heard from Denise James or Lauren Wilson as to how they are doing and where they are?

  7. More makeup! Tighter blouses, shirts and jackets! Talent in bathing suits.

    At least one news manager in this market wouldn’t mind having the station’s female talent look like “whores at a church picnic.”

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