My Best of Philly

Since Philadelphia magazine only named one media award in this year’s Best of Philly issue (Best reason to watch CSN- Amy Fadool!?), I will take it upon myself to give my own awards:

Best thing to happen to Channels 3 and 10 in 25  years – Oprah goes off the air

Worst Trend – Those ridiculously early 4:30 a.m. newscasts

Best Makeover – Petite anchor Sheinelle’s Jones’ longer hair

Channel 10 East – Fox29, with anchors Lauren Cohn, Karen Hepp and news director Steve Schwaid

The Worst Thing To Happen To Miami Since Jersey Shore – Fox29 John Bolaris’ escapades

Best website – with photo galleries ranging from Action News dads to Jamie Apody’s wedding

Best Blast From The Past – The Dancin’ On Air marathon on Channel 17.  How about Al Alberts next, Channel 6?

Best Farm System – NBC10, which brought on NBC10’s Kristen Welker and Aditi Roy

Best Job Switch – NBC10’s Lori Wilson from the 10 Show to straight news, Lesley Van Arsdall to weekend sports anchor on CBS3

You’re Fired – Never Mind – Steve Bucci and Joe Staszak may have lost full-time status at their stations, but came back.

My Biology Teacher – Channel 17 Phillies postgame contributor Marty Bystrom

Dr. Philadelphia – Will Dr. Phil be able to beat the Teen-6 crew at 4p.m. of Brian Taff, Shirleen Allicott, Alicia Vitarelli, and Adam Joseph?

Best Slogan – Trust the Bowtie


9 responses to “My Best of Philly

  1. Why would anyone want to bring back Joe Stazak? He was awful the first time.

    On the flip side, LVA has done an excellent job on sports on Channel 3.

    A. Vitarelli is getting on my nerves. She tries too hard to be liked and needs to be less perky and more credible. She doesnt have the poise that Shirleen Allicot has. She needs major work.

    I also notice that there was no mention of the horrific Fox29 morning show on your “Best Of” list. This is no surprise. That show is abysmal thanks to Jerrick, Keeley and Frederick

  2. Vitarelli is also very silly, difficult to take serious. The awards are a waste of space.

  3. Bucci & Stazak sounds like a thrid rate law firm. Oh yea, they are thir rate sports guys.

  4. Nothing wrong with Bucci. The “teen” group on 6 at 4pm is awful. I fail to see where Shirleen Allicot has “poise.” She’s awkward, still doesn’t know how to ad lib. Vitarelli needs help with her wardrobe. I noticed the other day at 5 when she anchord w/Rick. she had on some hideous dress with a rhinestone brooch at the waist…more suited for an elderly woman, and certainly not right for the newsdesk.

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  6. Vitarelli is the centerfold for men that like their woman w/some extra poundage.

  7. I actually really like Fadool… I think she has really good energy and seems to know her stuff. It may not be THE reason I watch, but I certainly enjoy watching when she is on-air for Comcast.

  8. Sarah Mac, Im sorry amy is a Fool. Clueless blonde just happy to be on TV.
    Brings nothing to the table.

  9. Does Lauren Cohn has any other blouses other than the purple velour one she wears each time I’ve seen her reporting for the last 3 weeks!

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