No More Orr At 5 & 6

So how do you feel about the report that Kathy Orr is getting replaced by younger version Kate Bilo on the 5 and 6 p.m. shows on CBS3?


16 responses to “No More Orr At 5 & 6

  1. Bad decision on KYW3’s part. Kathy Orr is a respected meteorologist who has earned her stripes in the Philly market at ‘CAU and then KYW. They will live to regret this one.

  2. I have no problem with Bilo’s weather reports. I also have no problem
    with any of her other assets

  3. Richard L. Lindberg

    Unless Kathy asked for less on air time, I’d say it smacks of age discrimination.

  4. Robert //CityWide Weather

    CBS3 has made a BIG mistake! I rarely watch that station…actually never….but if Channel 6 wasn’t on, I would sometimes turn to 3. Kathy was great. She explained the weather well, had a good on-air presence, and knew her stuff. She was even very involved with the station too! She did KidCaster and Orr @ the Shore.

    Although, maybe they are just trying to copy off of 6abc…this would give the viewer other people to see besides just one meteorologist for several hours at a time 5-days a week. Change can be good, in some cases. As long as Kathy stays in charge and she is the Chief Meteorologist – I’m okay with the change.

    I wonder how Mrs. Orr feels about the switch…

  5. The only bad thing, if this is true, is Kate leaving the morning. Kate seems to be on more in the afternoons with those silly backyard BBQ’s and that whole air force base thing they did a few weeks ago. I read whrre they are moving a woman, Katie Fehlinger, from NY to possibly move to the mornings. They ought to move Erika to evenings and replace Susan Barnett who will be on her annual maternity leave soon. The sweetness thing does nothing to keep me tuned in

  6. On the bright side, over-exuberant traffic-man Bobby Kelly (and we all know that is not his real name, which is Bobby Hurd) remains

    Bobby can still live in his fairytale land that he is breaking major world news that there is a “Jammo” on 73 and the “Benny is a B2B job”.

    Keep on firing Hurd… Its really not that important in the grand scheme of things

    “Ukee and Erika, back to you”

  7. Unless Kathy Orr asked for less hours, I think it stinks. Not a fan of that station anyway.

  8. Is the consensus that Bilo in hotter??

  9. Just as Bilo was catching on a little … shift her! Delete a possible needed boost for CBS3 morning show.
    Keep the talent churn churning …. Liz Keptner Amey Caples Maria LaRosa Doug Kammerer Paul Deanno Sean Murphy Christa Quinn on and on and on and on.

  10. CBS3 allows that goofy Jolly appear on their air. Now that real pathetic. He’s an expert on not working and that about it Lazy bum.

  11. Did Orr request this change or was it forced upon her ? It’s hard to comment without having any background info.


  13. It’s a sad day for American television news when a weather person’s experience is a negative instead of a positive.

    Someone who has accumulated “some mileage” might some days give you more reliable weather information than a well-intentioned young entertainer .
    I would like to see CBS3’s Tom Lamane return for some weather emeritus role in the next couple of weeks when hurricanes are a possibility at the Jersey Shore. Experienced as a Navy pilot, a surfer, and former AC lifeguard, he knows the ocean and its storms.

  14. It’s life in the Big City……she is aging and the party is over. the lights are flickering……

  15. As if connected actually knows some inside information. Lol

  16. Good!! Serves her right. I know somewhere Doug Kammerer is smiling because it was her who forced him to leave CBS3 after a short stint.

    Can we get Doug back and have Orr leave for good?

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