Xfinity Spokespeople

Who is your favoirte Xfinity spokesperson – Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris, or Sophia Vergara?


11 responses to “Xfinity Spokespeople

  1. How about none of the above?

    But — much better than the Ben Stein/Shaq garbage they put out last time

  2. Xfinity has THE WORST, most annoying commercials — which goes along with their ridiculous name.

  3. I think Comcast should stop with the big name spokespeople and just advertise their product without spending millions just to get a known face to advertise for them. I mean, come on…Aren’t cable bills high enough already? Is that why they keep going up?

  4. Agree w/the above people. They deluge you with this nonsense over & over til you want to strangle the pitch people. Worse than nails on a chalk board.

  5. You people just hit the nail on the heard.
    They all stink.

  6. I mean hit the nail on the head.
    And maybe the heard too, LOL.

  7. Just like the Comcast product, GARBAGE!!!

  8. they certainly favor the flamers don’t they?

  9. End them all and spend the money on easing the cable bill. I can’t believe we use to get TV for free!

  10. Please, spend the money on another play by play person for the Phillies telecast. Tmac is to tough to listen to for 9 innings…….PLEASE! You can get someone for free just to break it up a bit. He is way over the top.

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